How to get ebooks and audiobooks from the brisbane library

(This is information I received from 'ask a librarian')

To use the Bolinda/Borrowbox collection, you will first need to create a Bolinda/Borrowbox account. Follow these steps to do this:

  • Go to the library website:
  • Click on the eBooks and Downloads icon
  • Click on the Audiobooks icon
  • Click on the Bolinda link
  • The Bolinda website will appear. Click on the green Sign in button
  • Sign in with your library barcode and PIN
  • Complete the short registration form that appears
  • Click on Help to see information about using the collection

Links to the Borrowbox app for Androids and iOS devices are on the Audiobooks page.

The loan period for Bolinda/Borrowbox items is two weeks. If there are no holds on the item, you can immediately renew it for another two weeks.

There are three apps you will want:

  1. Borrowbox
  2. Libby (from Overdrive)
  3. RbDigital

Overdrive is a famous app, but the same company has released a much nicer app called Libby.

The apps, BorrowBox, Libby and RbDigital, each give you access to different audiobooks (and ebooks) from the library.

With RbDigital and Brisbane City Countil the trick is to register yourself at this location:

If you try just registering directly in the RbDigital app or at the homepage of RbDigital, it will not work. You must go to

Other libraries

Also, it is theoretically possible to sign up at other libraries, whose area you do not live within, and receive access to their audiobooks as well. I haven't explored this sufficiently as I am already swamped with thousands of things to read.

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