How to get ebooks and audiobooks from the brisbane library

(This is information I received from 'ask a librarian')

To use the Bolinda/Borrowbox collection, you will first need to create a Bolinda/Borrowbox account. Follow these steps to do this:

  • Go to the library website:
  • Click on the eBooks and Downloads icon
  • Click on the Audiobooks icon
  • Click on the Bolinda link
  • The Bolinda website will appear. Click on the green Sign in button
  • Sign in with your library barcode and PIN
  • Complete the short registration form that appears
  • Click on Help to see information about using the collection

Links to the Borrowbox app for Androids and iOS devices are on the Audiobooks page.

The loan period for Bolinda/Borrowbox items is two weeks. If there are no holds on the item, you can immediately renew it for another two weeks.

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