Create graphical flowcharts:

draw.io is a great way to make quick and clean flowcharts.

Ascii flow charts

To create ascii based flowcharts use:

You can use these directly in emails, and especially in code comments.

Or you can convert them into graphics using the following two tools:

Ascii to PNG

To convert ascii flowcharts into normal images use ditaa

I've added ditaa to util, here $env:util\ditaa0_9\

The file "using_ditaa.bat" gives this example:

java -jar .\ditaa0_9.jar hey.txt -o -S -s 2

Which turns "hey.txt" into "hey.png"

Cartoony Ascii flowchart to png

See http://shaky.github.bushong.net/

See also http://shakydraw.com/

See also