git equivalent of hg outgoing

Well this took a while to find.

In mercurial you can see what work you've committed locally that hasn't been pushed by running:

hg outgoing

In git, the nearest equivalent is:

git log --branches --not --remotes=origin

If you want to allow this command to be run as git outgoing then add it to your ~\.gitconfig file in the [alias] section like so:

    outgoing = !git log --branches --not --remotes=origin
    out = !git log --branches --not --remotes=origin

^^ I added an alias of out as well since that's what I normally use. (git doesn't try to coerce your abbreviated commands into real commands the way mercurial does.)

Others says that this is the nearest equivalent to a 'hg outgoing' --

git fetch && git log FETCH_HEAD..        

...But that performs a fetch (same as a hg pull) and thus alters your local repo.

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