Delete old branches

When I merge a pull request back into main, I delete the branch on the server

But that doesn't delete it locally.

I end up with a bunch of local branches that need cleaning.

If I switch to such branches I see a message that "the upstream is gone."

> git checkout feature/1234-weaponise-space
Switched to branch 'feature/1234-weaponise-space'
Your branch is based on 'origin/feature/1234-weaponise-space', but the upstream is gone.
  (use "git branch --unset-upstream" to fixup)

Yes. The upstream is gone. Because when the pull request was completed we chose to delete the branch on the server.

Now it's time to delete the local branch.

Delete local branch

To delete a local branch.

  1. Make sure you want it gone. 2.

Delete Local Branch To delete the local branch use one of the following:

$ git branch -d branch_name $ git branch -D branch_name

Note: The -d option is an alias for --delete, which only deletes the branch if it has already been fully merged in its upstream branch. You could also use -D, which is an alias for --delete --force, which deletes the branch "irrespective of its merged status." [Source: man git-branch]

Find all 'gone' branches to delete:

> git branch -vv

Lists all branches and has : gone] if their remote component has been removed. e.g.

> git branch -vv

FrogTracking                                2583eea0 [origin/FrogTracking: behind 49] monkey-magnet fixed attributes on user columns
Gespacio                                    e05bafd8 [origin/Gespacio: gone] Added .gitignore file to exclude .hg folder
bug/5928-cat-chaser-ignores-2-user-columns    2583eea0 [origin/bug/5928-cat-chaser-ignores-2-user-columns: gone] monkey-magnet fixed attributes on user columns
env-test                                    73e5707d [origin/env-test] remove merge markers
feature/5784-moon-tooth                        b1ec5764 [origin/feature/5784-moon-tooth: gone] 5784: moon-truth is more testable
feature/5784-sheep-dip-re-encoder            2b60c485 [origin/feature/5784-sheep-dip-re-encoder: gone] remove commented out code
feature/5792-cloud-taser-convert            88019a36 [origin/feature/5792-cloud-taser-convert: gone] Merge branch 'FrogTracking' into feature/5792-cloud-taser-convert
feature/5829-convert-hops-in-shops            3816b859 [origin/feature/5829-convert-hops-in-shops: gone] hops-ify Sync moon-boot-fighter.
feature/5884-funtegra-import-yard            d55774bc [origin/feature/5884-funtegra-import-yard: gone] funtegra: import users from yard
feature/5959-oops-counter-Color                a111c73b [origin/feature/5959-oops-counter-Color: gone] Build pipelines: removed file moon-web-build.yml
feature/5992-monkey-magnet-current-archive    d2f88379 [origin/feature/5992-monkey-magnet-current-archive] Sync monkey-magnet default table renamed
* master                                    d16af51f [origin/master] Merge master into this branch
refactor/cloud-taser-utc-datetime-handling    5da44411 [origin/refactor/cloud-taser-utc-datetime-handling: gone] moon: 5888 cloud-taser Online.

So the real point here is : gone] substring referring to the missing origin.

To delete the origin

(for example, if you forgot to delete it when merging your pull request)

Delete it on the origin....

git push --delete origin feature/5992-monkey-magnet-current-archive

Then delete it locally (may need to switch out of it first with git co master, for example)

git branch -d feature/5992-monkey-magnet-current-archive

May need to use -D to force the delete if there's some discard-worthy change in there.

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