Subtotal function (used in tables) what is the function num?

I frequently use little tables, particularly to format data in preparation for sending in an email.

I just needed to add a subtotal row, and saw I could check "subtotal" as one of the options for the table.

It added just one aggregate figure, and it had a formula like this:


It was doing a count of rows, not a SUM as I wanted. Looking into it, 103 was described as a function number. (This is not peak-lambda).

What is the function number for SUM ? Use this handy table!

Function Include hidden Ignore hidden
COUNT 2 102
COUNTA 3 103
MAX 4 104
MIN 5 105
STDEV 7 107
STDEVP 8 108
SUM 9 109
VAR 10 110
VARP 11 111

Note that COUNTA is different from COUNT, because COUNTA only counts "non-blank" values.

So for SUM, use 109.