Avoid #VALUE! with IFERROR

Sick of you carefully crafted excel formula resulted in #VALUE! for all the edge cases you don't care about?

Just wrap your formula in an IFERROR function.....

e.g. here's a formula for grabbing everything before the first comma....

=LEFT(B3, FIND(",", B3)-1)

...but what happens when there is no comma!? A dirty great error that's what!

So wrap it in an IFERROR instead my smooth friend:

=IFERROR(LEFT(B3, FIND(",", B3)-1),"")

Arh! That better!

And for completeness, here's a sneaky formula to get everything after the first space...

=IFERROR(TRIM(MID(C2 & REPT(" ", 100), FIND(" ", C2), 50)),"")