Transfer Domain from godaddy to gandi

note You can't transfer a domain twice within 60 days.

Initiate at the losing registrar (GoDaddy)

Now it's time to go the "Gaining registrar" (i.e. gandi) - and initiate the transfer there.

Initiate at the gaining registrar (Gandi)

Accept the transfer at the losing registrar (GoDaddy)

Look at this!


Appendix A: Godaddy's checklist

  1. Make sure your administrative contact email is current. (It's where we send your transfer authorization code.)
  2. Verify that the new registrar will set up your DNS zone files. If you don't do this, your website and email could go down.
  3. Start the domain transfer at your new registrar. (We email you to ensure you requested the transfer.)
  4. Authorize the transfer with your new registrar. (Use the transfer authorization code we email you when you're done here.)
  5. We email you confirmation when your transfer completes, usually not more than 5-7 days.

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