Wait for something in Cypress, without using hardcoded milliseconds

Here is what you do NOT want to have to do....

// hard coded wait to make sure the thing we just did has finished...

(You end up having to put in loooong wait times, so the tests don't fail intermittently... slowing down the whole thing...)

Instead you can "wait until a specific element exists" (and use that as a proxy for 'it's loaded!')




I believe that this will wait up to 10 seconds before cypress fails and says it timed out. More specifically, it will wait however long the cypress.json says, e.g.

(snippet from a custom cypress.json file....

"defaultCommandTimeout": 10000,  <--- this one applies in this case i reckon...
"requestTimeout": 15000,
"responseTimeout": 30000,
"pageLoadTimeout": 60000,


A different thing that might work for your circumstnances:

wait for a specific xmlHttpRequest on a path to complete, like this...



set this up near the top of your test...


then wait on it anywhere you want in your test (as many times as you need, too, since it's not the result that is begin aliased, but the call)


Note - the example above is also a handy example of using aliases with intercepts.

Wanted: a way to use

I believe we could use aliases in the first example too, something like this:

...set this up once...


However, if you try to wait on an alias defined on a get of any element, you will get a warning:

cy.wait('@loadingIndicatorGone') // this doesn't work, and you'll get a warning

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