Replace Text with Property Values

This is a strange idea I had for a web developer tool.

I've written a script that will replace every piece of text on a page with the value of any css property you select.

Try it out

For example, if you pick the property font-family then it will replace every heading, every paragraph, ever word, with the name of the font that is used in that part of the page.

A blockquote will be selected with the values of that CSS property within the blockquote

An a piece of marked text will be replaced with the values of the selected property as well.

You will be able to see the different font-weight of bold text and the different font-style of emphasized text.

You can look at the
different borders in tables or
explore padding and margins too

I'd like to wrap this technique into a bookmarklet (aka favelet) but not tonight.

There are two key pieces of code:

  1. A tree walker (created with document.createTreeWalker) for visiting every element of the page, looking particularly for text
  2. The use of getComputedStyle to find the array of styles that have been applied to each piece of text. (Technically: to the parent of each piece of text)

Here's the central function:

function replaceAllTextWithStylePropertyValue(propertyName) {
	var walker = document.createTreeWalker(
			document.body,  // root node
			NodeFilter.SHOW_TEXT,  // filtering only text nodes

	while (walker.nextNode()) {
		if (walker.currentNode.nodeValue.trim()) { // if it's not empty(whitespaced) node

			// Don't alter a node if it has an ancestor with a class of 'protected'
			if (walker.currentNode.parentNode.closest('.protected') == null) {
				let length = walker.currentNode.nodeValue.length;
				let newText = getComputedStyle(walker.currentNode.parentNode)[propertyName] + " ";
				let newLength = newText.length;
				walker.currentNode.parentNode.setAttribute("title", `${propertyName}: ${newText.trim()}`);
				walker.currentNode.nodeValue = newText.repeat(Math.ceil(length / newLength)).substring(0, length);

That's enough strangeness for one evening.

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