Cmder relies on Conemu to create a beautiful console experience on windows.



Try downloading "mini" -- see if it work suitably.

insert text

What matters the most: How do you insert?

Paste with Shift Insert -- which on a macbook air is "fn shift enter"

Can also use Ctrl V or Right Click, though they give slightly different behavior....

cmder paste settings

Using Powershell with Cmder...

Set cmder to load powershell by default, via:

Settings -> Startup -> Tasks

Find the {Powershell::Powershell} task and move it Up Up Up to the top.

Change the task parameters:

PowerShell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -NoLogo -NoExit -new_console:d:"C:\users\leon\dropbox\secretgeek"

...instead of the default task parameters which swap in a different profile.ps1 file, etc.

Then, in:

Settings -> Startup

Put the startup options as

"Specified Named task" --> {Powershell::Powershell}

Color schemes

Their favorite color scheme is the muted tones of the "Monokai" color scheme.

If you want a fully light colored scheme -- keeps people awake in talks -- try "Tomorrow"

I did mess with it a little to get the colors how I wanted them in some circumstances.

Tomorrow Color Scheme (slightly modified)

Arrow keys when running bash.exe (windows subsystem for linux)

This is a known issue lodged with ConEmu...

And traced back to a fault in the design of bash.exe

To fix it, I added a "{Bash}" task (in Settings -> Startup -> Tasks) with Command equal to:

%windir%\system32\bash.exe -cur_console:p1   

cmder bash arrows keys support

I also added a bash function to my powershell profile.ps1 which reads:

function bash() {
    & $env:windir"\system32\bash.exe" -cur_console:p1

Fade when inactive

Change this in settings -> Features -> Color -> Graphic enhancement -> Fade when inactive.

(Included in one of the screenshots above)


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