• be kind.
  • this too shall pass.
  • relax.
  • okay. take a breath.
  • one day at a time.
  • i have the inalienable human right to make mistakes.
  • wait and see.
  • they can't eat you.
  • how bad is this on the awfulness scale?
  • stop and breathe. 10 seconds can be spared.
  • put out the fire before doing root cause analysis.
  • we've dealt with worse and lived.
  • i think you'll find it's a little more complex than that.
  • will this matter in five years' time?
  • don't play leapfrog with a unicorn.
  • whatever happens i will cope.
  • fuck it. PANIC!
  • fine. now, take off the shit-colored goggles.
  • weight on back of feet. shoulders back and down. head lifted from the back. breathe out. and smile.
  • go to your happy place already.
  • smile wide without opening lips. now wiggle nose.
  • they're only human.
  • rome wasn't built in a day.
  • i have done what i can, now it's out of my hands.
  • what does Professor Google say?
  • it's not a problem. when it becomes a problem, we'll deal with it.
  • it's a pain in the neck but it's not a disaster.

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