How to generate, find and use a chocolatey API Key

(Useful if you are publishing a package)

(This is a made up APIkey for example purposes... if it happens to be yours I am sorry, and quite surprised) -- fddb4ab2-3149-3620-c89d-18aca1c87a55

To generate or find your chocolatey api key, go to:

There you will see a message like this:

choco apikey --key fddb4ab2-3149-3620-c89d-18aca1c87a55 --source

The first command sets the apikey you are using for a given source. It is encrypted, encoded and stored in your chocolatey config file, here:


Which will say something like...

	<apiKeys source="" key="Huge nasty base64 encoded encrypted apikey"

Earlier I was getting this error message:

ACTION: Please update your apikey to use
 instead of
 The latter source url is now considered deprecated and will not be
 checked as the default source in Chocolatey v1.0. For details, run
 `choco apikey -?`

I read the help at choco apikey -? and read everything online... it was only when I went to and found that command above, including my apikey, and ran it... that the problem was resolved.