Want to return 404 from a method in asp.net MVC?

It's as easy as

return HttpNotFound();

Can also put a message in

return HttpNotFound("No such puppy!");

And for 403 — try this:

return new HttpUnauthorizedResult("Forbidden biscuits.");

But all of those will probably end up displaying the IIS-level error page, not the custom error page if you have one.

A more general method -- that can end up at your custom 404 error page inside asp.ent mvc, if you have one, is:

throw new HttpException(404, "KITTEN MISSING");


throw new HttpException(403, "FORBIDDEN KITTEN!");

And more generally try this:

throw new HttpException((int)HttpStatusCode.OK);

etc... for each http code

See Custom Errors in asp.net mvc 5 -- to get this perfected!

Breaking news

In asp.net core you do this:

return NotFound();

Or even:

return NotFound("No such kitten!");

The comment on this is funny (the comment you see in a tooltip in visual studio)

// Summary:
//     Creates an Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.NotFoundResult that produces a Not Found
//     (404) response.

So on the one hand we're trying to be "transport-agnostic", removing Http from the name... but on the other hand we still need to let the developer know that this is really a 404. So we embed it in the comment. Wink wink.

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