Handy Cache helper method

I love this little thing.

public static T FromMemory<T>(string Key, Func<T> func, double days = 7) where T : class
    var value = MemoryCache.Default.Get(Key) as T;
    if (value == null)
        value = func();
        if (value != null)
            MemoryCache.Default.Add(Key, value, DateTime.Now.AddDays(days));

    return value;

Then, instead of simply retrieving something from storage, e.g.

var items = LoadSiteMap();

You do this slightly awkward, but fairly clean alternative:

var items = Latest.FromMemory("SiteMap", () => LoadSiteMap());

You do have to tell it the cache_key to use.

You can override the default duration to hold it in memory...

var items = Latest.FromMemory("SiteMap", () => LoadSiteMap(), 0.1);

And if things go really pear shaped, and it can't infer the types, you might need to specify them, for example here:

var items = Latest.FromMemory<List<ISitemapItem>>("SiteMap", () => LoadSiteMap(), 0.1);

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